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"The Outsider"

October 4, 1975



A new student shows great potential in environmental science, but he's having trouble fitting in with the student body.  He discovers that a nearby piece of land that supports a great deal of wildlife in the area is in danger of being cleared for new housing.  Will he take the law into his own hands or can Isis resolve the situation before it gets out of hand or worse, deadly? 

This episode features themes that a little more mature in terms of concepts concerning the environment.  But one's never too young to be concerned with how changing our environment can affect our future.  Richard and John do not exactly see eye to eye on the merits of this episode and one is a little more down on it than the other.  Take a listen and see if you agree.


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Moral: "Don't judge a book by its cover."

Guest Cast

Mitch Vogal as Wayne Moss

Morgan Jones as Mr. Tilden

Harry Hickox as Mr. Winstead

Wirt Morton as Charlie Michaels

Anson Downes as Phil Hobbes

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