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"The Show Off"

November 8, 1975



Steve is a student who has a serious inferiority complex.  He compensates by showing off, but his recklessness gets him into trouble very quickly.

John and Richard have a lot to talk about in this episode.  First, there's the excitement over Michael Gray's appearance on AMC's Comic Book Men this fall.  Next, they look through the fourth issue of DC Comics' 1976 run of The Mighty Isis.  It's the last issue before the series took an interesting turn.  Finally, they review, "The Show Off," an episode of Isis that turns out to be two stories in one as the first story is abandoned early in the second act.  Plus, there's admiration of Joanna Cameron's acting with Tut, Brian Cutler's fishing hat, and the use of more realistic gorilla costumes if you don't want to use a real gorilla in your story.


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Moral: "Today Steve learned that showing off may bring attention to yourself, but it isn’t the way to gain respect.  Respect is something that must be earned and the best way to start is to be honest with yourself.  Trying to be something you’re not, only makes you look foolish and sometimes, it can be very dangerous."

Guest Cast

Harry Gold as Steve Elwood

Meegan King as Roger Buck

Harlan Ward as The Zookeeper

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