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Doom Buggy"

November  2, 1974



Don thinks that he doesn't need school as he's a pretty good auto mechanic and knows that's where his life is headed.  But when his dune buggy breaks down in the desert, his auto skills are useless and his lack of knowledge could wind up getting Billy in trouble.  


We all have felt, at one time or another, that some of the classes we took in the course of our education were useless.  But one never knows what life will throw at them.  In the course of this episode, lessons in ancient history and geology pay off for Billy and Cathy, but will Don learn his lesson before it's too late.  Plus, Richard relates some personal stories of times he spent with Shazam! stars Jackson Bostwick and Michael Gray.  Stay tuned for the story of how guest star Wink Roberts set the desert landscape on fire. 


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Moral: “If you close your mind to learning, sooner or later you're going to have it opened and be surprised at just how much you've shortchanged yourself. So if you ever think about dropping out of school, you're only hurting yourself."


Guest Cast

Wink Roberts as Don 

Lisa Eilbacher as Cathy

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