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"The Brain"

November  9, 1974



Jim doesn't really fit in with the gang as all he's interested in are his books and pulling pranks.  But it turns out he has some things in common with the kids, but how far will he go to impress the gang?  Can Captain Marvel save him and Gary in time? 


We come to the episode written by Donald F. Glut who we interviewed on a previous podcast.  He mentioned how there were elements of Jim he could relate to as a kid.  Indeed, being a fan of genre television, movies, and books was not as well accepted back in the 70s as it is today and John and Richard relate to the character in many respects as well.  The two get into a further discussion on why higher powers do not use their abilities to help mortal beings and wonder what role Satan may have in this story.


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Moral: “We all want to be liked, but scary, daredevil stunts aren't the way to go about it. If a person can't like you for who you are, then maybe they aren't worth having as friends."


Guest Cast

Kenny Bell as Ritchie 

Tita Bell as Wendy

Christopher Man as

Jimmy "The Brain" Carter

Biff Warren as Greg

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