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"The Delinquent"

November  23, 1974



Norm (Jackie Earle Haley) has trouble getting along with the other kids at summer camp.  Is he really just a bad kid or does he have problems relating to others because he doesn't like himself? And can Billy get through to him before it's too late?


We're entering the age of "Free to Be You and Me" as Shazam! teaches kids to get in touch with themselves before they can be liked by others.  In this episode, John and Richard talk about a kid's self-esteem, Richard as "The Great Indoorsman", Captain Marvel helping Freddy Kruger, and sharing soda cans and ice creams.


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Moral: “Before we can like others, we must like ourselves."


Guest Cast

Jackie Earle Haley as Norm

Hilly Hicks as Frank Carlin

Larry Michaels as Doug

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