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"The Braggart"

November  30, 1974



Alan has self-esteem issues and compensates by making up wild stories about himself to impress his friends.  But when he has to prove what he is saying, will he endanger not only himself but his friends as well?


This episode bares some similarities with the previous episode, "The Delinquent" in that we are dealing with young men with self-esteem issues.  The difference he is that Alan is actually quite friendly, but his friendship comes at a cost as he weaves his wild stories.  Does it hold today?  Why didn't Jackson Bostwick wrestle a lion?  And did Richard really beat up The Scorpion?


 It's all here and we want to hear from you on what you think of the episode.  Write us as


Moral: “Honesty is the best policy."


Guest Cast

Gary Dubin as Mitch

Scott Garrett as Jerry

Steve Gustafson as Alan

Sean Kelly as Tim

Kerri Shuttleton as Debbie


Frank Coghlan Jr. as the Guard

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