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"The Past is Not Forever"

December 7, 1974



Jackie has a past that he feels defines who he is.  The problem is, it has some back to haunt him and threaten his future.  Can Billy separate his feelings from the facts and determine if Jackie is truly innocent of the crime he's accused of committing?

The first season of Shazam! comes to an end with the first of a two-part story.  It's an odd duck in many respects, but John and Richard do find the good in it and remind everyone that odd does not mean bad.  The question though is, does it hold up today?


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Moral: "Making one mistake isn't the end of the world. We often get a second chance. Just make sure you don't mess it up, or let others mess it up for you."


Guest Cast

Jimmy Hayes as Mister Samuels

Greg Mabrey as Jackie

Jack McCulloch as Vinnie

Tom Ruben as Vinnie's Lieutentant

Carol Anne Seflinger as Mellie

Chad States as Vinnie's Pal

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