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"The Brothers"

September 14, 1974



A blind boy struggles to accept his disability when he is doted over by an overprotective brother.  But things change when he alone must help his injured sibling.

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As Richard mentioned, this was the lone issue of Shazam! that features any ties to the television series.
As Richard mentioned, some issues of Shazam! featured Isis.
As John mentioned, he had an issue of the short lived Isis comic.  Looking at the cover, it's a lot more sexual than he realized as the slime kind of cups Isis' butt.

John and Richard discuss the second episode of the first season of Shazam!, "The Brothers".  Among the topics discussed in this podcast are how the series went from animated to live action, the dual identity of Billy Batson, Lance Kerwin's post-acting career, and the appeal of stories dealing with blind people in 60s-80s television.


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Moral: “People with problems or handicaps can get along just as well as any of us.”


Guest Cast

Lance Kerwin as Chad Martin
Steve Tanner as Danny Martin


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