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October 18, 1975



Randy is getting ready to enter high school and he's looking forward to it, even though it means leaving his dog Lucky behind during the day.  When Lucky drowns in the ocean during a beach party, Randy struggles with his loss.  And when he questions Isis for not using her powers to revive Lucky, Isis must teach him a lesson on life and death.

In the most heartwarming and heartbreaking episode of either series, John and Richard discuss the dealing with loss in ones life.  Plus, they also look at the first issue of DC Comics' The Mighty Isis comic book and rave about Joanna Cameron's acting in light of her performance in this episode.  In the end though, is this one of the best, if not the best episode of the series?  John and Richard are of mixed thoughts about this.


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Moral: "Losing something we love is never easy, but it's a part of growing up.  Growing up doesn't mean just getting bigger and older, it means learning and understanding about life.  The cycle of life is all around us.  If you look, you'll see it everywhere - flowers, people, animals.  But remember, every ending is a beginning full of hope and promise and new life."

Guest Cast

John Doran as Randy Martin

Brian Nash as Glenn

Robert Forward as Dr. Herb Rogers

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