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"The Contest"

September 11, 1976



Glen has a chance to win a new motorcycle, but the means of winning may prove more than Glen is willing to commit.  He learns a hard lesson when his desire to win almost costs the life of a another person.

We start off the final season of Shazam! with a story that does work in today's world.  John and Richard discuss how there are those in this instant world who aren't willing to work for something they desire.  They also discuss what may be the worst stunts in the series, the odd choice to use a new voice over for Billy's transformation, and the caliber of guest stars this particular episode has.  And finally, just what is a pizza-flavored malt?

 It's all here and we want to hear from you on what you think of the episode.  Write us as

Moral: “Just about anything worthwhile has to be worked for, and earned. If it's worth having, it's worth waiting for."


Guest Cast

Mark Montgomery as Glen

Dennis Olivieri as Fred

William Campbell as Officer Ken Taylor

Walker Edmiston as Bob Rose

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