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October 25, 1975



Lee and Cindy claim to have seen Bigfoot while walking through the woods.  Is it possible?  Rick has a hard time believing it, but when the kids begin to panic and decide to hunt the beast down, Isis steps in and discovers the secret of Bigfoot (long before Steve Austin did).

John is especially excited to tackle this episode in light of his love for Bigfoot on The Six Million Dollar Man, but there are problems with it as John and Richard discuss.  Plus, they also talk about how Isis managed to debunk supernatural tropes that were popular in the 70s, wonder how a man with shoes leaves a bare footprint, and discuss the second issue of the DC Comics The Mighty Isis Series, "The Creature from Dimension X" and "Lost and Found".


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Moral: "There's a well-known proverb that says, "You can't judge a book by its cover."  What that means is that you can't tell what something is like just by the way it looks.  That's especially true of people.  So whether they be tall or short, thin or fat, remember, the way a person acts, not how he looks, that is what counts."

Guest Cast

Scott Colomby as Lee Webster

Neil J. Schwartz as Mickey Moses

William Engesser as Bigfoot (Richard)


Albert Reed as Dr. Joshua Barnes

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