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"Thou Shalt

Not Kill"

September 21, 1974



A woman dies and leaves instructions in her will to destroy her horse, Beckett.  But her niece, who loves the horse, tries to stop it. Time is running out as Captain Marvel and Mentor must help her save the horse while working within the law.


John and Richard settle down to discuss the third episode of the series, "Thou Shalt Not Kill".  They look at the legal precedent set in the story by the sheriff and Captain Marvel.  They are amazed by the horse that can talk without moving its lips.  And they puzzle over the double message the Elders give Billy in their weekly meeting.


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Moral: “It's important for us to remember that laws are made to help us, and that when they stop helping us, they can be changed, legally.


Guest Cast

Pamelyn Ferdin as Lynn Colby

William Sargent as Sheriff Colby

John Karlen as Nick




Check out our interview with "Thou Shalt Not Kill" guest star Pamelyn Ferdin

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