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"The Lure

of the Lost"

September 28, 1974



Holly is worried about her brother, Gary.  He's fallen in with the wrong crowd and doesn't know how to get out.  Can Mentor and Captain Marvel convince him in time to change his ways or will the lure of pusher Brock be too much for Gary?


Click the image to see an enlarged version of this image.  Thanks to listener Dave McConnell for sharing this with us.  It's the stretch of road where Gary and Mark almost drove their car over a cliff.  We'll see this dangerous curve in future episodes of Shazam! and Isis.

The fourth episode of the first season, "The Lure of the Lost," is examined.   There are many aspects of this story worth note.  This is the first two-part episode for the series.  This is the first darkly themed episode.  Mentor's character is much more mysterious in this two-parter, something we won't see again.  The main villain isn't going to be seen until the second half.  With so much going on here, what did Richard and John think of the episode itself?


 It's all here and we want to hear from you on what you think of the episode.  Write us as


Moral: “When you're faced with a problem that you don't feel you can handle, running away isn't the answer. Try talking it over with somebody you can trust.


Guest Cast

Christina Hart as Holly

Derrel Maury as Mark

Christopher S. Nelson as Gary

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