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September 25, 1976


Bill is a young boy who is in a hurry to grow up so that he too can skydive like his older brother.  The problem is, he's in so much of a hurry, he doesn't always think and gets himself and his brother into trouble.  Can Billy help Bill see how wrong he is or will it take an act that gets his brother in danger for him to see the error of his ways?

John and Richard discuss the Mego line of toys that features Captain Marvel, the brevity of the episode in terms of length of story time, and John's horrible flashbacks to Jaime Sommers' skydiving accident.

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Moral: “Sometimes there are things that a kid wants to do but he's too young for. Be patient. We grow up a lot sooner than we think."


Guest Cast

James Daughton as Larry Sherwood

Patrick Labyorteaux as Bill Sherwood

Susan Pratt as Dorothy Kaufman

William Bryant as Harry Miller

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