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"...And Now You Don't"

October 23, 1976

Isis and Captain Marvel must team up to stop an out of control weather device from wrecking havoc on the town.

John and Richard wrap up their reviews of the two iconic television series of the 70s that we loved so much - Shazam! and The Secrets of Isis.  In addition to the review, the two discuss the potential for an animated follow-up to Shazam, the fandom, and the future of the podcast.

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Moral: "Jealousy is a terrible feeling and one that can lead you to doing terrible things."

Guest Cast

Jerry Douglas as Inspector Bryce

Ben Frank as The Professor

Michael Blodgett as Sam


John Davey as Captain Marvel

And introducing the Super Sleuths

Evan Kim as C.J Howe

Craig Wasson as Feather

Ranji as Ranji

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