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"The Road Back"

October 5, 1974



Gary (from the previous episode, "The Lure of the Lost") is now flying the straight and narrow.  He's all set to turn evidence in on drug dealer Brok.  But his partner Mark has other ideas.  Mark is working with Brok to bring Gary and Billy down.  Can Captain Marvel sort this all out before someone goes too far over the edge?


In the continuation of the review of this two-part story, John and Richard discuss if this episode holds up to the five "Holey Moley" rating the first part of the story received.  They look at the legality of what Billy and Gary do in order to entrap Brok.  They also comment on the lengthly chase scenes as was apperant in the last episode.  In the end, does this hold up and does it remain as dark as the first part offered? 


 It's all here and we want to hear from you on what you think of the episode.  Write us as


Moral: “It's important to be responsible for what we say and what we do."


Guest Cast

Derrel Maury as Mark

Christopher S. Nelson as Gary

Ian Sands as Rudy

Ron Soble as Brock

Robert Broils as Officer

Click the image to see an enlarged version of this image.  Thanks to listener Dave McConnell for sharing this with us.   This shot of Billy was done right down the street from where Brok's office was. Canwood Street has since been paved. In the background is the Ventura Freeway.

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