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"The Treasure"

October 19, 1974



Treasure hunters are raiding the lands belonging to Native Americans of their buried artifacts.  A young Native American feels he can handle the situation alone as he doesn't trust law officials, but will he go to far to stop the thieves from taking, "The Treasure"? 


This episode has a great deal of ties to the seventies as the struggles of the Native American were finally being recognized in American television.  No longer were we seeing the Native American as the Indian, the enemy of the cowboy, but rather as a group of displaced people looking to be recognized and respected.  But does the episode hold up?  John and Richard discuss this and more on a new episode of the podcast. 


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Moral: “The desert and traditions of other people have much to teach us and must be preserved for future generations to see and to know."


Guest Cast

Ruben Moreno as Chief Adam

John Linton as Johnny

Allen G. Norman as Jed

Will Seltzer as Artie

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