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"The Sound of Silence"

September 27, 1975



Andrea has developed a force field generator called the Circlegard.  It's just what a disgruntled student needs to get himself a new car.  Can Andrea save Bill from the dangerous turn he's taking by aligning with a local mobster?  Will she be in time to also save him from the radiation that is leaking from the Circlegard? 

The Secrets of Isis takes a turn toward the more technical with this episode.  It's a story dealing with the usual misguided teenagers and the men who manipulate them, but it also has the element of the force field generator and the dangers of radiation.  John and Richard discuss how this new element propells the show forward in terms of story telling opportunities.  They also wonder how a project like the Circlegard could be developed in a high school with the dangers of radiation involved.


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Moral: "We all know that two wrongs don't make a right.  They only make things worse.  If you're ever tempted in that direction, just remember that the right way is always the best way."

Guest Cast

Leigh McCloskey as Bill Cady

James Canning as B.J. Tanker

Philip Bruns as Jack Evans

Wayne Storm as Jocko


Albert Reed as Dr. Joshua Barnes

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