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Here are a few images from the Shazam! coloring book that Richard mentioned on the podcast.  You can see more about it by following this link.


"Double Trouble"

September 27, 1975



Billy and Mentor are shocked to learn that Captain Marvel is accused of robbing a gas station.  Billy's first instinct is to investigate the matter, but he turns himself in as Captain Marvel in order to prove a point to a young boy about the idea that no one is above the law.  But if Captain Marvel is in jail, who is going to prove his innocence?

John and Richard are both in agreement that this is one of the best episodes in the entire series.  We learn though it's one that Jackson Bostwick suggested as an idea for the show and it allows Captain Marvel a lot more dialogue and screen time.  The two discuss the potential of the episode, the importance of the moral today in a world where many feel they are above the law, and the number of known actors who appeared in this episode.


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Moral: “Respecting the law is just another way of saying that we respect each other. Laws have been made for the good of everyone, and when someone breaks the law, they're saying "I don't care about you." When you respect the law, you respect yourself."


Guest Cast

Ben Andrews as Pierce Young

William Bassett as Bill Ritzi

Ross Elliot as Sheriff Martin

Jack Garner as Phil Schartoff

Jimmy McNichol as Kelly Martin

Bill Quinn as Larry Frank

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