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"Goodbye, Packy"

October 4, 1975



Kathy has raised Packy since he was a pup.  It's an adorable relationship, but there is one hitch - Packy is a wolf.  He's getting older now and harder to control.  Add to it, the danger he poses to livestock in the area and Kathy's father wants to release him to the wild.  But Kathy and Packy run away and quickly find themselves in danger.  Can Captain Marvel rescue the two in time?

It's the first episode of the season that John and Richard do not like which is surprising considering how good the stories have been to this point and the fact that this one was written by a team who wrote some good stories in the first season.  The two discuss where this one went wrong, the laws concerning the possesion of wild creatures, and the motif of eating that runs throughout the entire Shazam! series.


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Moral: “Having a pet carries responsibilities. Some animals are born to be free. To deprive them of that right is selfish, so we all must understand and respect the laws of nature... for our sake, as well as for our animal friends."


Guest Cast

Conlan Carter as Bob Rose

Shannon Terhune as Kathy Rose

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